Insights From the Largest Email Study Ever

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What do you know about email? Here’s some fascinating information from the largest study on the subject ever conducted. This article will teach you about open rates, age demographics, reply time, mobile usage, and much more.

Insights From the Largest Email Study Ever

How much do you know about the average person’s email habits? Researchers from Yahoo! Labs set out to answer some critical questions about email. They analyzed 16 billion emails exchanged between 2 million users within the span of several months in what is arguably the largest email study ever conducted. Here are some findings from the study:

Over 90% of users replied to emails in their inbox within the first day, and the most common reply time was only two minutes. Most of the replies were very short; five words were the most common length of responses, and half of the answers were under 43 words.

Emails received on the weekend have a longer reply time but receive much shorter reply lengths than they do on weekdays. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all have much longer reply lengths than the rest of the week. Reply times and reply lengths are also much higher during the morning.

Younger users have quicker reply times than older people. The average reply time for teens was 13 minutes, 16 minutes for young adults between 20-35 years old, 24 minutes for adults between 36-50 years old, and 47 minutes for those 51 years or older. Men’s median reply time was 24 minutes and women’s median reply time was 28 minutes.

Younger users also have much shorter replies, as to be expected by their shorter reply times. Teenagers had an average reply length of 17 words per message, young adults had an average of 21 words, older adults had an average of 31 words, and senior users had an average of 40 words. Men’s average length was 28 words and women’s average length was 30 words.

Replies from mobile devices were the fastest as phones had an average reply time of 28 minutes, tablets had an average reply of 57 minutes, and desktops had an average reply of 62 minutes. Consistent with earlier research, people who had shorter reply times also sent briefer messages.

Finally, people who received more emails answered fewer of them and gave shorter replies. Users who experienced a “high email overload” of 100 or more emails a day only replied to about 5% of those emails. Young people were the best at dealing with a high amount of incoming emails.

These are all fascinating statistics and insights from Yahoo!’s study. The landscape of email and communication has slowly been changing thanks to the rise of mobile technology and smartphones. User habits will likely evolve as technology plays even more significant roles in their life.

Insights from the Largest Email Study Ever


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